With Clicplanning, create your emails and SMS on our platform and set the date and frequency of delivery

What is email and sms planning ?

Save time by planning on our site, your various messages to your customers, suppliers, employees, etc.

Present or not, meeting, traveling, sick or vacation Clicplanning will be your assistant ! 24/24, 365 days a year we check the messages that will be send.

Examples ?

  • Plan an email/sms for March 24, 2010, to remind a fixed term (contracts, tasks, memos, appointments, orders/deliveries, insurance, mandates to renew, etc) ;
  • Plan an email that will be sent to 1000 customers, quarterly, automatically and customized, to recall the periodic obligations to respect (tax and legal deadlines, inventories, documents to bring, transfers, etc.) ;
  • Send an SMS to your subcontractors, the 10th of each month for 4 months, to remind them to perform maintenance or to obtain reports ;
  • Send an email to one of your employees on a date/time determined to remind the deadline to complete the folder ;
  • Etc…

With Clicplanning each one will receive the email or SMS which is aimed at predefined time (tomorrow at 12:00, the 20th of every month, every year April 2, every day at 14:00, every 3 months or November 10, 2010 !).

Clicplanning is also the management of your online contacts, emailing, newsletters, SMS campaigns and email secure.

Contact management

Address book with configurable areas and database;

Allowing personal fully customizable fields to be added;

Contact groups or recipients easily created;

Multi-criteria search/print/export with field selection option;

Elaborated contacts groups feature to manage your enewsletters, unsubscriptions and statistical tools.

Delivery management

Selection of your email or sms delivery frequency and recurrence (once, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, every 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 months, every x days, every x hours, on day x, with an x frequency until day x);

Foreign Language Capabilities;

Permanent 24h/24 control of emails and sms to be sent;

Selection of email or sms delivery according to the selected GMT time zone;

Interactive table listing the tasks in-progress, summarizing the scheduled emails and sms to be delivered allowing the display of selected fields;

Interactive history log of emails and sms sent selecting the fields to be displayed (option to resend emails/sms);

Archiving function for previous emails and sms sent (0 up to 18 months);

Multi-criteria search/print/export of scheduled or sent messages with field selection.

Import / Export wizard

Module enabling the import of your address book (Outlook or other), directly in Clicplanning (microsoft CSV, Mozilla 1.6, visiting card vcf format);

Export wizard with field selection (contact book, history of scheduled emails and sms, history of sent emails, etc)

Encrypted emails (additional module)

Confidentiality of your email attachments provided by a powerful encryption system compliant with current international standards (RSA with 2048 bits key, AES with 128 bits key);

Authentication of your email recipient by a code sent on his mobile phone coupled with a specific personal tracking included in the email;

All attachments are stored on a secured platform and sent fully encrypted via a high level secured AES-256 bit connection certified by VeriSign;

Compatible with all main attachments formats (images, texts, pdf, word, etc);

Online content storage up to 10 Mb by email provided for your attachments;

Ability for the recipient to read his email in a total independent way, whenever he wishes to do so (within the limits set up by the sender);

Possibility to define a frequency and/or a delay in which the email can be read;

With this module, no special technical operation is required to secure your email; The protection is applied by default;

Powerful online tracking tool to view receipt and read reports for each encrypted email sent;

Mitigated consequences of computer theft, fire or data loss (disk crash, inadequate handling);

Intuitive and user-friendly tool (without any specific knowledge)

No software or hardware installation required.

Security and Risk Management

No installation of software needed on your computer;

Online access to our platform from any computer through internet access;

Your computer can be turned off and still send emails or sms messages. Delivery management and control proceeds through our platform, available 24h/24;

No data loss risk: your address book, emails and sms are saved on our platform;

Access to the website and different modules enabled through user and password creation;

Completely secured platform with sophisticated data protection (a high level secured AES-256 bit connection certified by VeriSign and by Ogone for the payments);

Protected servers hosted in one of the most important datacenters in Europe (secured access with 24h/24 physical supervision, air-conditioned infrastructure, constant humidity, backup batteries, electric power generator, specific fire security, etc);

Backup server and backup unit ensuring continuity in case of hardware breakdown;

Clicplanning is recognized by the main FAI (White list for protection against spam);

Clicplanning has obtained an accreditation number to the "Privacy Commission" in order to protect your confidential data storage in compliance with Belgian regulation.

I am an accountant and I have to manage numerous periodic tasks ! Clicplanning, supports me in managing my deadlines and contacts: each client receives a customized email automatically reminding him of his accounting or fiscal milestones and obligations. Hence, my activity is alleviated from repetitive administrative tasks and I can concentrate on the content of my job… My emails are programmed to be sent periodically!

Company active in optical devices and contact lenses: We are able to offer our customers a value added service: we are able to remind our customers via sms text messages that their lenses are available or that it is time to re-test their vision. Clicplanning, via its sms planning module, has enabled us to recall renewal dates and has strengthened our customers' loyalty. We propose an innovative service which generates high level satisfaction.

In my profession, as a lawyer, I regularly exchange emails with my clients, but until now this method did not guarantee confidentiality, security and reception of the message. Clicplanning, via its encryption module, allows me at any time to send emails containing encrypted files. No installation of additional software or hardware being needed. I can check, through the online tracking tool, that the email has been received. I also use the Clicplanning planning tool to remind my associates of important court dates.

As training coordinator, I organize different seminars and have to be able to reach out to thousands of prospects sending them the different events in a simple yet efficient manner. Clicplanning manages our emailing campaigns and provides us with detailed statistical analyses. The sms messaging module and its coverage (over 200 countries), allows me in case of last minute changes, to send a personalized message to the participants highlighting the modifications.

I send on a regular basis a newsletter to 15000 recipients on the 5th of every month. My current emailing tool only allows me to send my email to 25 senders simultaneously. With Clicplanning this is history. In just one operation I can send my newsletter, define its delivery date and view online the list of unsubscribed recipients.

I am a Personal Assistant and my manager regularly asks me to remind him of his deadlines. With Clicplanning, I have now scheduled emails to be sent reminding him of the deadlines and different actions. Clicplanning helps me optimize my organization.

As Company in the “prêt-à-porter” business, we wanted to inform our clients in a professional manner of our sales and promotional events. Clicplanning, enabled us to launch promotional campaigns by sms or email.

We are an E-marketing and communication agency: our clients trust us and fully outsource their promotional and event campaigns to us. Clicplanning has enabled us, within a unique space, to manage our customers' emails/sms messaging campaigns. Furthermore, we use its powerful online statistical tools to enable our clients to perform ROI analyses measuring the campaigns' achievement. A printable report is then forwarded to the clients for evaluation.

I am “project manager” and as you know anticipation is essential. With Clicplanning, I can schedule the important dates by project. Emails are sent anticipatively to each team member reminding them of the project milestones through all the phases of the project.

I am in charge of IT and computer maintenance and each month, I have to send my subcontractors emails asking them to perform periodical tasks. With Clicplanning the subcontractors receive a customized email (programmed in advance), enabling me to concentrate on other tasks.

I work in a clinic specializing in Central Nervous System pathologies (more specifically in memory losses). My patients often don't remember when to take their medication. Clicplanning is being used to send a personalized sms message each day at 10h, 12h and 16h to each patient reminding them to take their drug.

I am a medical doctor and I only attend patients with appointments. Before using Clicplanning, it often happened that a patient missed an appointment. This is over now, the day before the appointment Clicplanning automatically sends a reminder (by email or by sms) to my patient. My patients value the system and I am more time efficient.

I am a sales agent and need to get back to my prospects at a later date. I use Clicplanning to periodically get back in touch with my contacts (by integrating a ”template” email).

I manage an association and each year I have to remind our numerous members to renew their subscriptions. Clicplanning allows me to handle this task in a timely manner, on one unique platform and with a very user-friendly tool.

As Editor of specialized magazines, we regularly send articles to the attention of our subscribers. Our articles are often written in advance and are managed by Clicplanning. This system enables us to regularly deliver the articles by emails that are preprogrammed for the following 2 months. The statistical analysis of Clicplanning also provides us an analysis of articles that have been particularly interesting to our subscribers. We can now better meet the expectations of our customers and we can dedicate completely to our job without worrying about the daily management of our deliveries.

I own several real estate properties, and managing all those renting contracts is not easy. Through Clicplanning I am being reminded of the many contractual obligations and different terms, by property type (ie. Rent indexation).


Online support via "Chat" ;

Detailed help manual.

Clicplanning, helps you to organize your business !