All my options are displayed in French and yet I just login.
The default language corresponds to that used at the time of your registration. To change it, go to "My account" tab after you have logged in and change the property "Interface Language" to 'English'. Then click 'ok'.
I need help. Where can I get it ?
The support is here http://www.clicplanning.com/en/help.html You can find instant support via live chat, use the ticketing system or view several video sequences aid.
I can not login to the members area, what is the problem ?
There are several possibilities. Either your account is still not active (if you paid by bank transfer the activation of your account may take a few days), or your password is incorrect. If you've made several unsuccessful attempts in succession, it is possible that your account is temporarily blocked (this is a security measure). You can request a new password from the connection interface.
What should I do to install Clicplanning ?
Where to start with Clicplanning ?
Clicplanning requires no installation. To create a free account, simply go to pricing section (buy credit pack) and order one or more test packs. A confirmation mail will be sent containing your password. You can see our demo videos here: http://www.clicplanning.com/en/demo.html
You talk about planning but I do not see a specific package.
Planning is a service included in all our packs. If you wish to determine the date, hour and frequency of your sendings, you just have to order an appropriate pack (Email, sms or encryption).
Where can I order credit ?
Clicplanning uses credit packs. Credit pack gives you access to a determined amount of units. To order new credit pack, please visit http://www.clicplanning.com/en/price.html

"Email packs" table is expanded. To see other pack details, simply click on them (they appear as orange-colored when your mouse cursor comes over them).

If you are already an Clicplanning customer, login and click on "buy credit packs" in the top-right section of the page. Your customer data will be automatically filled in the order form.
When can I (or should I) buy new credit packs ?
You are free to buy new credit packs at any time. If you have not used all your credits, the number of units you have purchased is added to the current amount. The packs last 24 months, which means that after two years without recharging a type of packs, your units will be considered outdated. A new order extends the validity of your packs of 2 additional years.
You pay only what you plan to consume.
Where can I see my invoice(s) ?
When you have logged in, the list of invoices is available on the "Statistics" tab, in the "Invoices". Click the magnifying glass to see an invoice. The prices are both with and without VAT included.
Can I get a VAT exemption?
To qualify for exemption of VAT on Clicplanning services you must meet the legal requirements of the exemption at the time of the order in accordance with Belgian law. The request for exemption from VAT have to be made when placing the order. Any subsequent application for refund of VAT will be rejected. The legal requirements are verified by Clicplanning during and after receipt of order.
How can I pay ?
At the time of your order, Clicplanning offers several methods of payment:
Payment by bank transfer or payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Bancontact, Dexia Direct Net Banking).
The payment is secure ?
Payment by credit card is secure through recognized payment platforms.
Clicplanning uses the "Ogone" (http://www.ogone.be) secure payment platform, known in Europe for its security reliability.

Encryption methods are implemented to ensure site security. All parts of the site and the Internet address begins with https (s for secure) indicates that the content is encrypted.

Moreover, Clicplanning is certified by VeriSign, an organization recognized worldwide in securing online applications.
What happens to my data ? Who can see it?
Clicplanning takes very seriously the respect for the privacy of its customers and takes every measure to ensure the protection of hosted data. Clicplanning guarantees it will not sell, rent or will not assign the hosted data. For details see our policy on this subject, read Article 15 of our terms and conditions, available here: http://www.clicplanning.com/en/conditions.html.
Why is there a sender field when I write messages?
Clicplanning lets you use the email address of your choice when you send a message or the number of your choice for sending a sms. To validate the dispatch, you must have a sender (email address for email, mobile number for sms). You can create a sender email address/mobile number by following the link next to the sender field or by going here after you have logged in: https://secure.clicplanning.com/account.php?page=settings

Clicplanning conducts systematic verification of shipping addresses (email or sms) to meet such different anti-spam laws.
For the mobile phone number of sender, Clicplanning accepts all numbers preceded by the international prefix (eg: 0032475123456). It is not possible to state text as shipment number (example: John Tel), the last one not being accepted in all countries and not allowing the recipient to respond to your message.
I want to send an email but I am not able to enter a contact. How should I do ?
The contacts must be added to your address book before writing an email. Go to the "Contact" tab where you can add contacts manually. You can also import a contact list (CSV format) from 'Data Management' tab in 'My Account'.
I sent an email/sms but it stays in my task list, is this normal ?
Yes. Shipments of emails and SMS are stored on our server to analyze planning settings. Shipments are made within a few minutes if you do not enter a future date (the date field of the message). When you ask to repeat the transmission of the message (field frequency), the task will remain in your list until the last shipment.
Are there any acknowledgment or any way to see if my mail has been received ?
In fact, you can see the number of times each recipient opened the message. Other similar information is available under the "Statistics" tab of the parties concerned (Email and SMS).
Can I be absolutely sure that my recipient has opened my message every time ?
The statistical works through a individual tracking system. Each of your recipient gets a personalized link in his email. Through this link the statistics are collected. If the recipient transfers the mail to someone else, the other person is in possession of the same link, distorting the statistics. The statistics are true but they are global about the link

Recipient control made by encryption module is not bound to statistics. It is a particular procedure only related to encryption.
I am in the interface design of the message. What the field "date" is ?
The date field is meant to be the date and time when your message will be sent. By default, the date and time is populated with “now” values. For shipping in the future, change this field appropriately. To send it as soon as possible, leave as is.
I'm in the message creation interface. What are the fields "stop date" and "repeat" ?
These fields allow the creation of a message which will be repeated in the future. The repeat field allows you to adjust the frequency (adjustable in weeks or months in the dropdown or finer adjustment in days or hours using the buttons to the right of this combo). The frequency is adjusted from the first date of dispatch of the message given by the field "date" from above the field repeat.

The stop date is the date until which will repeat the message. In other words, the criteria of periodicity will be taken into account until that date. Leaving this field blank will cause repeated messages until your credit becomes exhausted.

Please note that the data sent in messages is updated when sending. That means if you entered some value linked to one of your contact field, it is the updated value that is sent. For example, if you sent a repeating message to a contact group, all modifications of this group are analyzed before the actual sending. So if a member has left your group for some reason, he will not receive the mail. The same goes for custom fields that appear in the messages.
How do I view the messages thet I have already planned and if they are still active?
They appear in the "Tasks" table of your "Email" or "SMS" tab. The sent messages are in the "history" table of the same tabs.
I sent a text message and when I look at history, are counted more when it's the same message sent to the same recipient. Is this a mistake or a bug?
This happens when the sms sent is too long for the international standard format of 160 characters. Different messages are actually one and the same message, sent several times.
What is the anti spam policy of Clicplanning ?
The general terms of use of Clicplanning prohibits the use of spam. If you have not already, we invite you to read it, especially Article 5: http://www.clicplanning.com/en/terms.html.

Clicplanning, helps you to organize your business !