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Software for making appointments and scheduling on a single shared space

Manage your calendar, share it with your employees and allow your clients or patients to make an appointment directly by internet 24/24.

Earn money by facilitating the information flow throughout the company and allowing your customers making appointments online, without your intervention, simply by checking your availability schedule or your location.

Software for making appointments that offer best service to your customers and you do not lose money due to missed appointments.

Our planning software automatically sends an SMS and / or email reminder to your customers before the meeting or at the time you want. The customer of course has the option to cancel or change their appointments based on criteria you set.

Devote yourself to your business, our software appointment manages your schedule. Reduce clerical duties and improve the image of your business by offering a professional service available 24/24.

Share your schedule with your staff or colleagues, add or change the appointment thereof, invite colleagues to a meeting, always go to your calendar online.

Flexibility allowed, in one click, you can move or cancel your appointments and notify your customers directly with ease.

Customizable and accessible

Our software for planning and making appointments fits your business (hours, location, type and duration of benefits, fields in the customer files, logo) and your graphics.

Easily integrate our module to your site by adding a button for making appointments.

You do not have a website? We can take care of it by creating a page with your logo, stating your details and your location on a map.

A tool available online via the internet 24/24 without any software to install, receiving continuous updates.

Of course you can access your calendar anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone (your phone must have internet access).

Recall appointments

Have you assessed the lost time and lost revenue for missed appointments with your clients?

Now your customer will automatically receive an SMS and / or personal email reminding him of the day or on another date / time predetermined his appointment. A service that will be appreciated by your customers and find it most certainly very professional.

As a professional, you can if you wish to receive information via SMS or email on a new appointment made. A time saver when you're away.


We offer to your client or patient software for making an appointment by internet 24/24. In addition to this opportunity we provide our customers a professionals call center with rates among the lowest in the market.

A quality service with great flexibility, available occasionally or permanently.

Our experienced secretaries are taking your appointments and messages directly into your calendar and according to the time available.

The client or patient is given directly by email, a confirmation of his appointment and thereafter will receive an automatic reminder by email or SMS of his appointment (eg the day before the appointment).

The appointment or message is visible in your personal diary or on your mobile phone.

A simple billing of the call processed and giving rise to an appointment or a message.

More customers are making appointments via the internet and the less are using your hotline!

A flexible solution to cover a permanent or temporary hotline (making appointments, messages, event registrations or event, reservations for tables at restaurants, etc.).

Clicplanning brings in Belgium and France a professional solution for your business.


Secure and constant access to the online platform (level AES-256 bit Certified by VeriSign, is the highest level of security available online).

A written undertaking not to rent, sell or transfer the data collected and stored (see our terms of use, general conditions and our agreement with "Commission of privacy");


You want to send an SMS campaign, or e-mailing your newsletters? Nothing could be easier.

Clicplanning is also a SMS module, a module emailing / newsletter and an encryption module with centralized management of your contacts.

Using the module for making appointments and scheduling online, you have a central management office of your customer contacts you can directly use our other modules with ease.


April 2011

Save time, money and clients with Clicplanning. The Clicplanning agenda is directly profitable by reducing absenteeism of your patients or clients.

Here is the proof, the results obtained on "absenteeism of patients", study by the National Union of Belgium Professionals and Intellectuals (UNPLIB).

"For the three quarters of practitioners, consultations missed increases. The shortfall is enormous.

Every day, thousands of patients make appointments with a health professional. At the time arise, many are not coming, many do not even prevent it.

Prevented at the last minute or exceptionally forgotten, it can happen. But when the unexplained absences are increasing, this poses a big problem. On the last five years the phenomenon is growing rapidly. A survey of UNPLIB (National Union of professional and intellectual Belgium) demonstrates it. Nearly 75% of those surveyed (mostly dentists, physiotherapists, osteopaths and medical specialists) confirm the upward trend of missed appointments.

The majority of respondents (90%) receive their patients by appointment for an average of 30 to 45 minutes. The average fee charged is around 20 to 30 euros per patient. For 20% of respondents, the patients are "missing" from five to ten appointments per week. It's huge! No need to be a great mathematician to calculate the shortfall.

However, like all independents, licensees profession have to pay business expenses, the amount averages between 1,000 and 3,000 euros per month. Some practitioners have staff (between one and five employees for 80% of respondents) that must be paid. Finally, they must be able to live decently from their work, which requires long study and responsibility.

Still pay

The main reason for absenteeism is simply referred to oblivion (57%), then the health reasons (15%), an unexpected family constraint (5%) or unexpected work (3%). The number of patients who rely on a financial reason to justify their lurch is marginal: only 2% of cases. There are still 18% of absences for unknown reasons, because the person does not even bother to apologize...

To curb the phenomenon, many practitioners have set up preventive systems: a message in the waiting room (36%), reminders by SMS or phone (21%). They are also 43% to claim the cost of the missed consultation... if the patients are returning.

Indeed, on this point, there are no legal provisions. Therefore, the patient may refuse to pay and is free to address to other professional. From practitioners surveyed by the UNPLIB, 67% hoped that legislation is taken along the lines of the jurisprudence established a year ago by the Court of First Instance of Anvers. It condemned the patient of a dentist to pay €720 for missing two appointments for four hours.

The use of law - whose implementation would cause some problems - could be avoided if everyone felt responsible. Missing an appointment, without warning, with a health professional, be it dentist, doctor or physiotherapist, gives rise to financial implications. Who wants to be constantly lost part of his remuneration?"

Adopt a simple solution developed by Clicplanning with his agenda for making appointments directly online by the customer or patient 24/7, depending on availability schedules, with automatic reminders of appointments by emails and SMS.

A shared calendar, 100% customized, accessible from any computer connected to internet or mobile phone. The agenda Clicplanning linked to its module for making appointments via the Internet, offers many advantages:

  • It reduce by 35% average telephone calls ;
  • It increases the number of clients and patients through an agenda available free via the Internet, 24/7 ;
  • It reduces the number of missed appointments by the client ;
  • It loyal customers by a professional service ;
  • It improves the flow of information within the firm or enterprise through shared calendars.

An appointment won per month and the cost of the subscription is already profitable !

Price / options

Price and featuresStandard agendaAgenda for making
appointments with
clients or patients
Custom agendacheckcheck
Secure access over the Internetcheckcheck
Secure hosting of your datacheckcheck
Automatic reminders of appointment by emailcheckcheck
Automatic reminders of appointment by SMS (0.15 eur/SMS)checkcheck
Detailed reports (RDV, SMS, etc)checkcheck
Importing your contacts (csv/Excel)checkcheck
Integration with our E-mailing/Newsletters/SMS modules with centralized managementcheckcheck
Help getting started (15 min) with phone and email assistancecheckcheck
Your customers are making appointments over Internet 24/24check
Setting the availability of professionalcheck
Personal space for your client (make, modify and cancel appointments, password)check
Solutions tailored to your needs: 6 or 12 months subscriptionStandard agendaAgenda for making
appointments with
clients or patients
Basic software29 € ex VAT/month49 € ex VAT/month
Software with telephone answering for making appointmentsContact usContact us
Additional agendas10 € ex. vat/month10 € ex. vat/month


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